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Issues Facing People of Punjab

There is no denying there is a major drugs problem across the state of Punjab, India. The current government in power promised to eradicate this problem within 4 weeks of taking power. It has now been over 1 year and this problem seems to have grown bigger and shows no …

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Song on 1984

We tend to see high-profile celebrities shy away from talking about politics as they do not wish to tain their image or lose any fans. However, when it suits them, these exact same celebrities will use religion and politics to gain an upper hand in their industry. One Punjabi celebrity …

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Amazing Performance By Punjabi Girl

We have become accustomed to seeing vulgarity on full display in the Punjabi music industry. However, the days of obscene music appears to be coming to an end with a large campaign being set up to prevent such songs being aimed at the youth and before certain hours. A ban …

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Girl In White Suit Performance

We have become accustomed to seeing various groups performing at wedding functions across India. In particular, this has become extremely popular amongst Punjabi weddings. The costs of arranging a wedding are already high to begin with and there is a lot of competition amongst groups which allows some bartering on …

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How Punjab Police Treated Celebrity

Punjabi singer Babbu Maan has been very outspoken in the media against issues he feels very close to. Most recently, the singer has been talking about having farmers debts waived as there have been many deaths due to farmers being drowned in debt and being unable to pay them back. …

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Relationship With Horse

There are lots of people who keep pets and grow attached to them. Looking after a pet requires full commitment and a lot of time. Not everybody is capable of providing this and will often give them up. In a way, a pet is like a child to many people …

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Doctor Treatment Of Knee Patients

We are all reliant on doctors when we have ailments which need looking at. Not everybody has the free time to wait in waiting rooms as surgeries are very busy and will often buy over the counter medicine to pass time. Sometimes, these solutions will cause more long-term damage than …

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